St. Paul's Plus

Six weeks to Pre-K (Age 5). Full and Part-Time Early Childhood Educational Programs for Children.

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St. Paul's School for Girls

Grades 5-12. All-Girls Middle and Upper School.

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St. Paul's

Grades K - 12. Coeducational Lower School, Grades K - 4 and All-Boys Middle and Upper Schools, Grades 5 - 12.

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Pre-K Program


4-year-olds come to preschool with a variety of skills in all developmental areas. Generally, they have acquired an average of a thousand- word vocabulary and can carry on a conversation using at least five to six word sentences. 4’s have good balance and are comfortable with most indoor and outdoor equipment.

Our goal for our 4's is to have a language-rich program. Our faculty achieves this by teaching vocabulary and listening skills in order to increase attention span and word usage. We teach respect for adults, peers, classroom rules, routines, and the school equipment, and we encourage socialization through sharing and cooperation in play, as well as though dramatic play, music, songs, and stories.

Our curriculum develops language skills, math concepts, social studies, fine and gross motor skills, emotional and self-help skills. Our teachers begin with themes and activities that focus on the children, their families, and community, and then extend them to the rest of the world and other cultures. Our 4’s develop cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills through an individualized approach where each child is encouraged to do his or her best and enjoy the accomplishments achieved at any given time.

The Pre-K program at Plus provides a language rich environment in which literacy is integrated across the curriculum. Children participate in large and small groups to improve handwriting, language, and math skills. Hands-on science lessons and an experiential world cultures curriculum allow our children to explore the natural world and how they fit in it. 

11232 Falls Road
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
TEL. 410.823.0061
FAX. 410.823.0062
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